Great Bone Structure

No contouring and highlighting necessary!

Chris Squared

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans prove that hotties like to hang out with other hotties. Imagine these two walking down your street!

Excuse me while I practice my wolf-whistle …

Mr & Mrs Player

"You’re so vain. You probably think this song is about you."

- Taylor Swift and John Mayer singing a duet about each other.

Sookie Sex Appeal

Anna Paquin even has onscreen chemistry with her fictional brother.

Her pheromones must smell amazing.

Hawny Tom Hiddleston

To beard, or not to beard …

Cutie Patooties: Arrested Hotties Edition

Bad boys mugging for the camera.

Alex of the Jungle

Tarzantastic shirtless wonder, Alexander Skarsgard, will look great in a loincloth. And beating his chest.

"I warned you not to Google your ex!"


Kissing Tom

I can think of better ways to make use of my fingers if I were being kissed by Tom Hiddleston!

Victoria’s Arm Candy

Birkin and Beckham

Business Suit vs Birthday Suit

The cast of War Horse are a bunch of stallions.

Business Suit vs Birthday Suit

These X Men cast members have the Suave & Sexy mutant gene.

Cutie Patooties: Short-Back-And-Sides Edition

Short hair shows off a beautiful face.